This website is intended for UK Breelib patients, their caregivers and treating healthcare professionals

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Breelib device
Breelib is a medical device called a nebuliser. A Nebuliser turns liquid drug into a fine mist which a patient can breathe into their lungs to help with their symptoms. Breelib should only ever be used to take the drug Ventavis (iloprost trometamol).
This website contains information for UK Breelib patients, their caregivers and healthcare professionals to help with using and caring for the device as well as other helpful pulmonary hypertension-related topics and resources.

For full instructions, please refer to the Breelib Inhalation System Instructions for Use booklet (IFU) which is supplied in your Breelib Starter Pack. 

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The Breelib Support Centre agents are available Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm, and Friday 9am – 4pm. An out-of-hours voicemail service is available and all messages will be responded to on the next working day.

For healthcare advice or questions relating to treatment please contact your healthcare professional or treating centre.

Quick reference Breelib video guides

Before using Breelib, always read the Breelib inhalation system instructions for use booklet provided in the Breelib Starter Pack

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UK Breelib patients

This website is intended for UK Breelib patients, their caregivers and treating healthcare professionals. is part of the Breelib Patient Support Programme which is organised and fully funded by Bayer.

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